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Why do people want a professional landscape contractor? Many people request a professional landscaper because they don’t have the time or talent to design a landscape of their own. A good landscaper can create something fantastic and beyond your expectations.

A good landscape contractor has the expertise and knowledge to create a one of a kind garden, suitable to their client’s needs, whether is something simple, or more in-depth.

82558055What people should get out of a good landscaper is more than they thought they would get out of it. And something really fantastic does not have to be ostentatious. Nothing too extravagant, expensive, or disproportionate to the home or lifestyle.

Rain Lillies
They spread through the garden with little to show, however, their inconspicuous grassy leaves, eventually make their way into the lawn remaining invisible but to the most astute observers. But then comes spring’s first rain and something magical happens. Roadsides, gardens, and lawns burst into blooms of white, yellow and pink. The rain lilies are starting to bloom, adding color and vitality to your garden.

Ever thought of putting a slice of rainforest to your garden? This has a tranquil effect on any suburban plot.  True rainforests are known by tall trees forming a canopy overhead, with shrubs in underneath, and herbaceous groundcover.  This effect can be copied in a suburban garden with a selection of appropriate species.  Tree ferns, palms, cycads and other foliage are particular favorites with many species suitable. This will not only help preserve indigenous flora, but help local fauna with insects and birds who have a close association with these plants.  Having a rainforest garden will provide shading in the summer giving cooler temperatures for your property.

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